Youth Development

One of Senator Williams’ greatest passions is to help young people

Providing them with opportunities to succeed, see themselves in government, and improve the world around them. To this end, his office offers two separate programs for high school students. 

The Missouri Future Fellowship

An intensive program for high achieving juniors and seniors that will meet weekly and involve a blend of research, project development, and interdisciplinary opportunities. Fellows will receive mentorship, support for their ideas, a stipend, and educational trips. The goal of the Fellowship is to build a community of the state’s brightest and allow them to improve both their communities and the world. The program runs from September to April. Click here to learn more →

Applications for the ‘22-23 cohort are due August 1st. 

The Youth Advisory Board

A program comprised of bright young adults from Missouri District 14, that are actively involved in the community and provide insights on key issues. This board functions as the voice of District’s youth.

Board commitment involves biweekly Zoom meetings on current issues, opportunities to speak with the Senator on district concerns, and a visit to the Capitol sometime in spring. 

Applications for the ‘22-23 cohort are due October 1st.

What’s the difference between the MoFF and YAB?

MoFF is highly interdisciplinary, with a particular focus on new technologies and future challenges. The Fellowship will be very hands-on and project intensive, across a wide array of fields. 

The YAB has a more narrow goal, providing the chance for young people to learn about the political process and to have their opinion heard by the state government. 

However, there will be occasional overlapping events or speakers when relevant. 

Can I be on both YAB and a part of the MoFF?

Students outside of District 14 are welcome to join the MoFF, but not the Youth Advisory Board, as the focus will be primarily district matters. Those in the district are welcome to join both! However, please be aware of the additional time commitment for spring.