Missouri to allow concealed carry on public transportation?

St. Louis Post Dispatch reported on February 13, 2021

The Senate General Laws Committee heard legislation by Sen. Bob Onder on Tuesday, that would allow guns on trains and buses amid continued security concerns regarding the region’s mass transit systems.

This hearing followed the fatal shooting of security guard James Cook at the Delmar MetroLink station on January 31. And soon after the Bi-State Development Agency, which oversees MetroLink, voted against rearming security guards.

Sen. Brian Williams said civilians shouldn’t be carrying firearms on MetroLink.

The more guns that we put on the street, especially on public transportation, it’s only going to create more deaths. I’m a strong ‘no.’
– Senator Brian Williams

Williams reiterated that because riders are in close proximity on mass transit, a bullet could easily hit a bystander. “I don’t think it’s OK for a security officer to lose their life,” he said, but “I am not in favor of civilians carrying firearms on public transportation.”

Sen. Greg Razer, D-Kansas City, sits on the General Laws Committee, said he will also vote against it. “I don’t think my constituents want it. It doesn’t make sense. Why are we going to add more guns to our public transit?”