Kevin Strickland Freed After 43 Years Wrongfully Imprisoned

Justice delayed is justice denied. For far too long, justice has been denied to Kevin Strickland as he remained locked behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

But today, the freedom denied to Kevin Strickland for more than four decades has finally been granted.

Let me be clear – I am against blocking birth control for women on Medicaid. I am also against risking billions of dollars in health care funding because someone wants to play politics with people’s health.

It’s been less than 3 months since our bill implementing sweeping police reform went into effect. An important part of SB60 was a new authority for prosecutors to seek “motion to vacate” convictions to set innocent people free. My heart is happy knowing that this bill we wrote and passed, helped set him free. Next, this law can do the same for Lamar Johnson and any others wrongly imprisoned in Missouri. 

I am deeply proud to have worked with the Midwest Innocence Project, local prosecutors and so many others to achieve this win. I look forward to continuing our work to free the innocent and provide support to those wrongfully convicted upon release.

Today is an important step forward. Let’s keep our march towards justice going!