Missouri Future Fellowship

The Missouri Future Fellowship is an eight-month program for 15 high achieving Juniors and Seniors, empowering them to tackle long-term challenges in Missouri as well as globally.

What material would the Fellowship cover?

The exact program breakdown will be determined over the summer in accordance with Fellows’ current knowledge. The curriculum will be based in part, however, on several existing courses at Cambridge and Stanford that identify new global challenges and what paths might be used to solve them. Fellows will also focus on avenues for developent, asking how they can have a positive impact on the world.

The Fellowship would meet once a week for speakers and discussion, with some additional weekend projects as the opportunity arises. Fellows will complete a capstone project of their own, with the assitance of their mentor. Overall, the Fellowship would touch on: AI; biotechnology; entrepreneurship and coordination; public communications; and policy.

Missouri business, academic, and nonprofit partnerships will be announced later in summer.

The Fellowship would have three main components

Education: interdisciplinary learning about high-impact technologies and careers, how progress can be achieved, addressing long-term challenges, and how these interact with entrepreneurship, community work, and policy.

Effective action: research and service, providing valuable experiences for both fellows and their communities.

Opportunities: connecting Missouri students with mentors in a wide range of fields; supporting students’ individual projects; providing a stipend; and building a community within the fellowship.

What will this Fellowship offer students?

Exposure to Frontiers of Science & Data fluency

STEM-focused students can discover new possible avenues, better applications for their preferred fields, and have a robust background before they begin university studies. The Fellowship might also touch on the problems facing modern science — the replication crisis, misaligned research incentives — and how to overcome these when advancing discoveries.

For non-STEM students, it can be difficult to appreciate how STEM skills may be useful outside the promise of a job, or school exercises. The Fellowship will provide actual object-level benefits to these skills in fields Fellows are leaning towards, as well as more tailored guidance. The goal here is to ensure the next generation of policymakers, entrepreneurs, and beyond can be comfortable in utilizing and scrutinizing data.

Communication enrichment

One of the struggles for many researchers is communicating findings effectively with the public: both because of the technical nature of this research, as well as an undervaluing of the skill within these fields.

This often leads to poor journalism and misunderstandings among government, scientists, and the public — fueling distrust on all ends. Cultivating this skill is therefore invaluable, and by focusing on the end benefits, we can ensure that this remains relevant to Fellows’ interests.

For students who like public communication, we can provide higher-level guidance and opportunities.

Understanding How Things Move

Fellows will analyze the logistics of progress, and in doing so, how they can be effective in their own careers. This will be highly related to government policy and the future — specifically, how democratic governments can think about improving the future while respecting voters’ immediate desires. However, this will outside the scope of government as well. This may mean analyzing where change originates, how policy interacts with business development and nonprofit work, and hurdles good ideas face.

Stipends, Career Support, and Mentorship

This format allows Fellows to dive into their own interests, broadly understand other avenues for progress, and have substantive projects completed by the end of the year. Someone’s background or lack of connections should not be a barrier to success.

What are other future possibilities?

Summer shadowing for local businesses.
Bay Area trip for Fellows.

Who should apply?

Our goal is to have a cohort of Fellows that are self-motivated, intellectually curious, mature, and have a genuine interest in improving both their communities and the world. We’re seeking a wide array of interests and life experiences; no particular knowledge is required, but Fellows must have a willignness to learn across disciplines and from one another.